Art for your Sake

We first started working with this site when the slideshow stopped working due to a highly customized theme and outdated jQuery. Full of complicated code, the old site was not responsive. The site is in the process of a complete redesign in 2018 using Elementor. Prior to that, their old external gallery stopped working. We

Menla Retreat Center

The Menla Retreat Center migrated their old, non responsive web site to a WordPress site, eventually they redesigned it. We didn’t build their site but we continue to assist Menla in customizing their theme. Recently we added tabs to their retreats page, making it easier for visitors to find events and added a few additional

Brown Memorial Baptist Church

Brown Memorial Baptist Church recently migrated their old, unresponsive site to a newer WordPress site. We created a custom donation form that connects to Working with a difficult theme that lacked normal WordPress hooks, we customized the content on the event pages so that only the next recurring event displayed instead of displaying infinity

Featured Image Pro Known Issues

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