• Dustin


    I can’t manage to filter the shown Posts by category. No matter what I do, the plug in always shows all Posts from all categories. I tried all of the following variations:

    [thumbnailgrid category=2 posts='20' type='post' order_by='date' order='desc']
    [thumbnailgrid category='2' posts='20' type='post' order_by='date' order='desc']
    [thumbnailgrid category='Pics' posts='20' type='post' order_by='date' order='desc']
    [thumbnailgrid category='Party-Pics' posts='20' type='post' order_by='date' order='desc']

    Yes there is a category with id 2, Pics is the slug and Partypics is the name of the category. You can find the webpage here: http://foodfetcher.lima-city.de/partymonsters/party-pictures/. The post Testclub should not be shown. I also tested some other similar plugins and their filters work if this is a help.

  • Support
  • Support

    Our shortcode uses the WordPress codex. So, you also should be using posts_per_page=”20″, not posts. Take a look at the page below. You will also want to look at the shortcode page for more info (it appears to be broken right now but I’m fixing it).

  • Miriam Richardson

    “Caption” seems to mean the title of the post. Can’t persuade it to use the image caption nor the excerpt. Any way to have text other than the title show?

    • The Nom

      Hi Miriam, Only via a code filter.

      I have a new plugin that I can offer if you would like to beta test that lets you display the excerpt. You can email me at adrian@shooflysolution.com. I have a second plugin that allows you to do the same with image galleries. You get free upgrades for life.

  • amyjyoffie

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/84e75428febdba0660a02c521ec316b91cd621dbc305e25252c6b31e3cd5ef6d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5440a09704509824df2a9873caff86695e1738a7c8880725124d16a7111e92b3.jpg

    I am using the Simply Guest Author plugin. I cannot get it to display a photo next to the description of the author. (See attached.) Attached also is what I have entered into my dashboard. Can you tell me how to get the photo to show? Thank you.

    • Web Master


      You need to use an gravatar. https://en.gravatar.com/

      This is the WordPress way. If you are using a gravatar and the Gravatar is not displaying, make sure that your theme supports gravatars. If it does, let me know which theme you are using and I will take a look.

      I will update it in the future so that you can use another image but don’t have time now.

    • The Nom

      Oh, I just saw the image. You should only use the email address for the gravatar. So it should be lisa@writethefirsttime.net.