DC Media Group

We are an independent news service which serves our community and the East Coast on a variety of stories we publish under deadline.

Adrian has been the web master of our media outlet for the past last five years. In this period she has installed plugins and kept our site updated as old software has expired and has kept us running on short deadline whenever there were unexpected issues.

In one noteworthy instance there was conflict with the name presentation in the byline between editors and authors of stories we published. The editor’s name would preempt the author’s name, making it appear the editor wrote the story.
She created a solution which allowed any editor of a story to assign the authors name.  This required writing new code that did not exist. Other news groups have found this plugin useful and have added it to enhance their site performance.
In another instance our site was under attack by highly advanced sophisticated malware. She quickly identified the problem and not only removed the malware but upgraded our site with a more advanced firewall to prevent it from happening again.

We highly recommend her service based on knowledge of software languages, problem solving skills, and fast turnaround capabilities in addressing issues as the arise.

John Zangas
Photo Journalist and Videographer
DCMediaGroup and Popular Resistance
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