We offer shared hosting for our clients who purchase a Professional Support Package. Here’s what we mean by Shared Hosting:

We Do:

  • Provide you with excellent hosting through Microsoft Azure Web Services, which provides a promise of 99.95% uptime.
  • Reimburse you the same proportion for which we are reimbursed in the unlikely instance of an outage going below 99.95%.
  • Give you FTP credentials as requested, so you can access your website’s files when you need them.
  • Provide you with all the same service we would no matter where your website is hosted.
  • Offer a great solution for a small- to medium-sized business who is not seeking extensive heavy bandwidth traffic.
  • Back up your data daily.
  • Let you know if your data usage is outgrowing the bounds of a shared host, and provide you with a number of alternatives if that happens.

We Don’t:

  • Provide a good solution for businesses seeking to host their own video, streaming or otherwise.
  • Offer any additional service agreements for hosting. We feel Azure’s Service Level Agreements are very strong, which is why we chose them for our shared hosting provider.
  • Guarantee protection from hackers. While we will put in place measures to prevent hacking, and rescue your website for free if there is any intrusion, the cyber-world is too open a place for us to guarantee no hacking. Your best personal protection is long, complex passwords (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and characters) and a password manager like LastPass.



How do you sign up?

You can sign up by purchasing a Professional Support Package.


Looking to manage your own hosting?

While we’ll offer you premium professional support, our hosting may not fit your needs. Here are a list of our favorite premium hosts for WordPress.

WPEngine – WPEngine has placed itself as the premium WordPress host. It is lightening fast, and easy to maintain. Additionally, it offers a staging server, so you can test things out there before putting them on your own website. However, WPEngine is pricey. The cheapest option, $29/month, only allows $25k visitors a month. That will be fine for a physical business looking for a web presence, but if your website is based on the internet, you may anticipate spending anywhere from $70 to $150. For higher volume websites, WPEngine is even more expensive. While you may want to give this a shot, we’d recommend not jumping right into WPEngine.

DreamPress by Dreamhost – At $19.95 for a Dedicated Server on a solid state drive, DreamPress is a good value. And Dreamhost, the people behind DreamPress, have a lot of history in web hosting. If you’re looking for a solid, decently priced web host that can scale with you (they boast that they can handle 2.1 Million visitors per month) then this is worth looking into. And while they may not get the best reviews for customer service, you won’t really need to worry about that with one of our support packages.