Featured Image Pro Shortcode Cheat Sheet


fitwidth TRUE/FALSE, Default = TRUE Forces the grid container to fit the width of the content. This allows the container to be centered.
percentposition Not currently available
originleft Changes the origin to right if set to false – not currently useful.
origintop Changes the origin to bottom if set to false – not currently useful.
containerstyle Allows you to give the container a style so that you can apply css to it. transitionduration When animate is true, animation time in miliseconds
resize Adjusts sizes and positions when window is resized
showcaptions Display captions with image,
hovercaptions Hover captions on top of the image
captionclass Add a class to the Caption for styling
captionheight Set a fixed Caption Height (use px here or some fixed measurement)
excerptheight Set a fixed Excerpt Height
excerptclass Add a class to the Excerpt for styling,
marginbottom default 25px The margin under the grid item,

randomize default FALSE. Randomize sort
imagesize default ‘thumbnail’

maxwidth max image width,
maxheight max image height,
columnwidth default ‘150’, Grid column width. Should normally match the image width or proportionate
gutter default ‘5’ Space between grid items
border 0 Border around grid items
excerpt Default FALSE – Display the Excerpt in the item
excerptlength Number of words to display in the excerpt (will default to theme or plugin settings)
animate Default TRUE Animate masonry on window resize
uniqueid Assign a unique id to the grid for styling. If none is selected, one will be created at runtime.
gridwidth Width of Grid defaults to 100%
imagewidth Image Width defaults to actual image width
imageheight defaults to actual image height
target Href target (normally _blank)
cat Comma separated category list
hoverimage Defaults to FALSE, Creates a div with a class for a hover image (or whatever you like)
hoverlink Link to hover image
gridalign Deault ‘center’, align the grid left, right or center (requires fitwidth to be true)

debug Default FALSE – Use this to help us to troubleshoot issues
post_type‘ default = ‘post’

has_thumbnails – Only display posts with thumbnails TRUE, //Display posts with thumbnail images only
ignore_sticky_posts Default TRUE

today Default FALSE,

order Default ‘ASC’ Asc, Desc, Random (same as randomize)
orderby href=”https://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/08/29/a-more-powerful-order-by-in-wordpress-4-0/”>Check WordPress Codex

taxonomy Comma delimited list of taxonomies
Replace [tax} below with the item in the taxonomy list. Example: taxonomy=’gallery_cat’ gallery_cat_terms = ‘3, 4, 5’ gallery_field=
[tax]_terms Comma delimited Taxonomy Terms
[tax]_field Taxonomy Field (slug, id)
[tax]_relation Taxonomy Relationship (And, Or) Do not use for single taxonomy queries!
[tax]_operator Taxonomy Operator defaults to ‘IN’ includes all items that match terms (‘NOT IN’ includes all items not in the terms)
[tax]_include_children Include Taxonomy Children – Defaults True