Featured Image Pro – Custom Taxonomies

I used this code on artforyoursake.com/galleries, where I had custom a custom post type with three custom taxonomies:

Here is the shortcode with just the taxonomies:

thumbnail_masonry taxonomies=’gallery_category’   gallery_category_terms=’10, 5’                                                     gallery_category_field=’term_id’

This is the actual function call with all of the options:

proto_snap_masonry_shortcode(array(‘post_type’=>’afysgallery’,      ‘excerpt’ => TRUE,                             ‘excerptheight’ => ‘150px’,   ‘marginbottom’ => ’25px’,   ‘columnwidth’ => ‘220’,    ‘gutter’ =>’20’,   ‘gridalign’ => ‘left’,    ‘imagewidth’ => ‘220px’,        ‘imageheight’ => ‘211px’,        ‘hoverimage’ => TRUE,             ‘hoverlink’ => ‘path to image’,  ‘taxonomies’=>’gallery_category’, ‘showcaptions’ => TRUE, ‘captionheight’ => ’47px’, ‘gallery_category_terms’=>$id, ‘gallery_category_field’=>’term_id’));